Density Doesn’t Have to be Scary+

BUILD discusses the challenges and opportunities of increased density in our single family neighborhoods.

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Solar Technology for Housing+

BUILD reviews solar technology at three scales of housing

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Balancing Green and Grey Infrastructure; An Interview with Seattle Arborist, Josh Petter+

BUILD talks with Master Arborist, Josh Petter, about the intersection between natural and built environments, how architects could work more...

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BUILD breaks down the construction and project costs for an uncertain economy with an update to the Construction Budget...

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The Park Modern Turns 10+

The Park Modern building gets its 10-year performance review.

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BUILD offers up some important facts, experience, and perspective to Seattle's new mayor

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Seattle’s Housing Crisis: Getting the Facts Straight+

BUILD rounds up the facts on some critical issues in Seattle.

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Timeless Design as Sustainability+

BUILD shares their take on the true qualities of sustainable architecture.

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The Inconspicuousness of Sensible Sustainability+

BUILD takes a crack at the math behind one of the most sustainable (and least marketed) moves with residential construction....

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The Down & Dirty of Sustainable Design+

BUILD dismisses the glamor and gloss of the “green” movement and describes the gritty (and sometimes dull) reality of true...

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University of Washington Lecture+

BUILD LLC lectures on sustainability at the UW and beats up the green movement a bit.

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Green ≠ Sensible+

BUILD pulls the curtain back on "green" architecture.

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